How To Choose The Best Window Treatments For Your Decor

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When it comes to window treatments, it’s not always easy deciding which works best with our home decor. That’s why it’s essential to understand what styles and available options work best.  

As you know, our windows allow light to enter our home and can completely transform your space. But, of course, lighting isn’t the only reason to choose the best window treatments for your home. We want them to accentuate and blend with our home decor as well.

Window Treatments

Optimizing Your Home Decor With The Right Window Treatments

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Typically, the best way to optimize lighting is by choosing the right window treatments for every room in your home. And while lighting is an essential element, we want our window treatments to blend perfectly with our decor.

When it comes to window treatments, some of the best options include blinds, drapes, and shutters, all of which provide the utmost comfort and privacy. So, how do you style your interior when designing your windows using different coverings or treatments?

Below, you’ll discover some of the best options available for you to find which window treatments work perfectly for your home’s decor.

Window Treatments

1 – Choose Waterproof Window Treatments For Bathroom Windows

If you are fortunate enough to have a window in your bathroom, you’ll want to choose which window treatments to use carefully. At the same time, you’ll want to optimize lighting elements as well.

Additionally, bathroom windows provide a great source of natural light. And because of this, you can control the amount of light entering your bathroom with waterproof blinds.

Made from durable materials, these types of window treatments offer many benefits.

  • Bathroom Roller Blinds: Roller Shades Window Blinds look neat and streamlined, and a classic fit for bathroom windows. Typically, roller blinds are fully waterproof and perfect for any bathroom. These roller blinds feature a PVC fabric that’s non-absorbent with ‘wipe clean’ a label.
  • Faux Wood Bathroom Blinds: These Faux Wood Blinds mimic the look of wood blinds but made of PVC. These types of blinds make a perfect fit for any bathroom. Additionally, this window treatment is more durable than wood and a hundred percent porous. Also, relatively easy to maintain because they don’t attract dust and match perfectly with any decor.
  • Vertical Bathroom Blinds: These window treatments provide adequate bathroom ventilation. Typically, these polyester window blinds have fabric vertical slats and spaces that dry even when fully open. Also, they prevent mold from building that can occur with fabric blinds.
  • Skylight Bathroom Blinds: With skylight bathroom blinds, you’re able to draw in more natural light in your bathroom without compromising your privacy. Made of water-resistant materials, like PVC, add to your bathrooms decor. You’ll also want to choose one with a remote control to operate them safely and effectively.  

Any way you look at it, making sure you choose the right treatments for your bathroom will add to your home’s overall look and feel. Of course, it’s always a good idea to choose neutral colors, especially if you love big, bold prints on your walls and pops of color.

2 – Curtain Panels Or Valance For Casement Windows

If your home has Casement windows, you might want to consider using decorative panels or a valance. Casement windows, also called crank windows, open with a handle that cranks the supporting arm of the window outward.

 For instance, curtain panels work well with these types of windows significantly because they don’t hinder opening them easily. Of course, you can also choose a decorative valance as well, but valances don’t offer much privacy.

Another option, you can decorate with Decorative Roman Shades as well. Ideally, with casement windows, you want treatments that can hang outside the frame to avoid obstructing access to opening and closing your window. Plus, they come in a multitude of patterns and colors to choose from for any room in your home.  

More so, a Roman shade is easy to raise and lower to suit your desired height. Installing a Roman shade allows you to mount it as high above the window as you need. This way, you can clear the window and still have a beautiful decorative look for your window.

Window Treatments
Decorative Roman Shades

3 – Blinds and Shutters Will Complement Any Style Window

Owning a townhouse can present a challenge when decorating windows. More Often Than Not, townhouses need as much light as possible when decorating. So, it’s a good idea to brighten them up as much as possible. While this is true for most homes as well, when choosing window treatments, always make sure you consider light.

After all, you might want to consider decorating your windows with shutters. Shutters make beautiful decor elements on windows and offer many textures and colors as well.

Shutters help prevent colder air from entering during winter, most especially shutters made of wood because they’ll provide an added layer of protection that blinds and curtains don’t offer. In summer, shutters keep the sun’s heat and light from getting into your home.

Check out the top types of shutters suitable for townhouse windows:

  • Full Height Shutters: Full height shutters are most sought for their clean and straightforward look, complementing a classic interior decorated style. They can cover an entire window frame and open up as a single unit.
  • Solid Shutters: Decorating with solid shutters can offer a rustic or classic look. They are perfect for a variety of decor styles, including modern as well. They provide complete light protection and privacy and will last for years to come too.
  • Tier-on-tier Shutters: These Tier-On-Tier Shutters cover the entire window frame. You can easily open the top and bottom parts separately. It’s a suitable window treatment for a room overlooking a common area or a road, but it’ll still maintain your privacy and retain light in your place.
  • Café Style Shutters: Cafe style shutters are flexible, allowing you to cover the window’s lower half for privacy and light purposes. You can also allow the flow of outside elements into your home by opening the top half.

4 – The Beauty Of Double Roller Blinds

Double Roller Blinds: Double Roller Blinds are a truly innovative and easy way to ensure your blind shades your room the way you want it to, every time. They feature a blackout or dimout fabric in the same window. Double roller blinds consist of two roller blinds mounted to shared brackets, each on their own barrel with their own mechanism.

However, this allows you to enjoy have a dimout blind, which reduces light but does not cut it out completely, and a blackout blind, which prevents any light coming through, in the same window. We love the simplistic beauty of the double roller blind and they work beautifully in any room in your home.

Each blind is controlled by its own chain which is secured to the wall with a child safety device which also keeps it from hanging loosely and in the way. The chain for the top front blind is on the right side of the blind and the chain for the lower back blind has the chain on the left-hand side, keeping them separate and easy to operate. The blinds are mounted on a single, metal bracket that allows you to mount two blinds to it.

Image Credit: Double Roller Blinds

5 – Cellular Or Sheer Shades For Single And Double-hung Windows

If you are not familiar with Cellular shades, they are one of most homes’ most popular window treatments. Decorative Cellular shades offer a winning combination when deciding which treatments to decorate your home. They are versatile and attractive, and energy-efficient too.

In short, Cellular shades fold up along their crisp pleats. Plus, they come in many styles and textures, too, including sheer or blackout. They also offer some of the highest insulation levels for your home and look great in any decor.

You can choose from Single Cell (one air pocket) or Double Cell (two air pocket) treatments. Depending on your budget and the climate you live in, you can determine which choice is best.

6 – Swags For Double-Hung Windows

Swag window treatments always present beautifully, especially in areas like the kitchen or bedroom. While they don’t provide much privacy, they do look chic and stylish.

More so, you can unify asymmetric swags with side-by-side double-hung windows. Drape them across the top of each window and cascade them down the outer edges. You can also layer sheers beneath decorative swags for areas requiring a touch of privacy.

Also, you can use window shades and top them off with decorative swags. Scalloped valances tend to create balance when used to decorate double-hung windows perfectly. You can use a Lace Decorative Swag with any shade or shutter as well. They always look elegant and easy to blend with any home decor.

7 – Cellular Honeycomb Window Treatments For Skylights

Skylights provide your room with an airier feeling. Also, skylights offer a bright and more open space than standard windows offer. However, skylights don’t help with nap time. They can also overheat your rooms during summer and allow heat to escape during winter.

When it comes to skylights, cellular honeycomb shades with a motorized system let you control your shades remotely. And always look beautiful with your home decor as well. In addition, using a blackout thermal curtain ensures you’ll have the best sun protection and completely blocks out the sun from any room in your home.

These types of shades feature an insulation honeycomb cellular fabric to help save on your energy bills. Also, skylight cellular honeycomb shades protect your carpets and furniture from sun damage.

Below, you’ll find some useful tips when choosing window treatments for skylights:

  • Choose window coverings for your skylights that provide full traverse and rotation capabilities–right, left, split, or center stack.
  • Vertical blinds differ in material and color selections, which are also perfect for skylights.
  • The best materials for skylight window coverings include vinyl, aluminum, and fabric. Choose one that offers the utmost ultraviolet ray protection.

For ease of installation, you can also choose a Skylight Shade with window blackout and suction cups. You’ll find them easy to install, lightweight with excellent blackout properties, and the fabric blocks out 100% of the UV rays.

Skylight Shade with window blackout and suction cups


When deciding on window treatments, always make sure you measure accurately and make sure you write them down as well. Also, take good notes of the styles you prefer and list them in order.

Remember, you are investing a lot of money in your home’s decor, and you don’t want to end up disillusioned with the results. Always take your time to research styles, textures, colors, and pricing too. At the end of the day, when you hang your window treatments, you and your family will revel in the joy of your newly decorated home!

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