12 Amazing Souvenirs Around the World You Need To See

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When we travel, we all enjoy bringing home beautiful souvenirs to remember the wonderful times and add them to our valuable collection. However, your holiday doesn’t have to end when you leave your travel destination. The memories you created can stay with you forever.


Why Collecting Unique Souvenirs When You Travel Brings Joy

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Most of the time, when we travel to our favorite destinations, we buy affordable souvenirs to keep the moments alive. Then, of course, we take photos to help us relive these moments and keep them close to our hearts.

In addition, the photos you took and the tokens you brought home will always remind you of your adventures worldwide. Therefore, souvenir hunting will always be an essential part of any vacation. Below, you’ll discover a few of the most popular and unique souvenirs worldwide. And why you might want to start collecting them.


1 – Oceania – Black Pearls – French Polynesia

Tahitian pearls, a French Polynesian staple, are some of the most beautiful pearls in the world. These deep-luster orbs typically grow on pearl farms around the Polynesian archipelago, but the most popular ones are the black Tahitian pearls. If you are lucky enough to visit this tropical paradise, make sure you don’t leave without a few pearl necklaces, earrings, or a set of bracelets featuring gorgeous baroque pearls to take home with you as souvenirs.

2 – Europe – Murano Glass – Italy – Stunning Souvenirs

Murano glass items are trendy Italian souvenirs amongst tourists from all over the world. From statues and glasses to jewelry, these colorful items make some of the best souvenirs you could take home from Italy. Carefully crafted from this wonderfully unique type of glass, Murano glass items are the epitome of art and craftsmanship.

3 – Bota (Leather Wine Bottle) – Spain

Have you ever had wine from a wineskin? The Bota is a traditional Spanish wine-tasting bottle that squirts wine directly into the mouth. And without needing to touch it with your lips. This authentic Spanish leather wine bottle, synonymous with fiestas and parties with friends, is a typical Spanish gift, so make sure you snag one when visiting this lively Mediterranean country.

4 – Mozart Chocolate Balls – Austria – Delicious Souvenirs

Initially created in Salzburg, the composer’s homeland, Mozart’s Chocolate Balls are a must-have treat if you visit Austria. Wrapped up in foil and featuring the famous composer’s face, these chocolate spheres, filled with a delicious marzipan center, are the ideal souvenir to take home from your trip to the Central European country.

5 – The Evil Eye Glass Talisman – Turkey  

The Evil Eye glass talisman originated in Turkish culture, and travelers love collecting them. To date, it’s one of the most popular souvenirs and probably the most widespread Turkish items. Primarily, they use it to protect a person from evil spirits. So you can find this blue teardrop-shaped piece everywhere in Turkey and in many different forms, from bracelets to keychains.

6 – Asia – Origami Paper – Japan

Furthermore, if you are looking for something authentic and fun to take home with you from your exciting trip to Japan, origami paper would be a great idea. This traditional Japanese art form, which has evolved into a modern art form, allows you to transform a flat sheet of paper into a fantastic sculpture. In addition, of course, it features colorful prints and fun patterns that everyone loves. Origami paper would make for an excellent souvenir for artisans and amateurs alike.

7 – Calligraphy Set – China

The Chinese people are famous for their calligraphy skills, so it won’t be hard to find beautiful calligraphy sets to take home from your trip to China. You can find the standard version of this souvenir at most supermarkets or department stores across China. However, if you want something unique, check out the Chinese art supply stores while visiting this culturally-rich country.  

8 – Spices – India

Home to a fusion of many cultures, India has boundless attractions to offer any tourist. So if you plan a trip to this fascinating country, you’ll want to return with your luggage filled with tokens and souvenirs. Rich in flavors and colors, ground spices are among the best souvenirs you can take home with you from India.

Furthermore, with their unique aromas, you can also find Indian spices anywhere else. So make sure you stock up on turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, cumin, nutmeg, coriander, cardamom, black pepper, and fenugreek.

9 – Africa – Babouche – Morocco

If you are looking for a piece of traditional Moroccan attire to take home from this colorful country, the babouche is the right souvenir for you. These hand-stitched leather slipper shoes come in various vibrant hues.

Additionally, they feature a perfect fit for men, women, and children. Due to their beautiful designs and practicality, the babouche is one of the most popular souvenirs to take home from Morocco. But more so because they represent a mysterious and fascinating culture.

10 – Zulu Spoon – South Africa

The Zulu people, the largest ethnic group and nation in South Africa, have a history of producing a variety of ceremonial sculpted spoons used only on special occasions. Moreover, the Zulu spoon emanates grace and beauty and features the shape and style female body. Due to its unique shape, this wooden spoon makes for a great souvenir to take home with you from your trip to South Africa.

11 – North America – Lucha Libre Mask – Mexico – Fun Souvenirs

Lucha libre is a prevalent Mexican form of professional wrestling, which requires the wrestler to wear a mask. These masks come in various colors and characters, such as animals, gods, or ancient heroes. And you can easily purchase them anywhere in Mexico, from your local store to street markets and on Amazon online. Besides being a fun souvenir to gift to someone back home, the Lucha libre masks also make a fun item to shop for while in Mexico.


12 – Larimar Beads – Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for two central precious and semi-precious stones, amber and larimar. Of course, you can also find in jewelry stores all around the country. However, the highly popular yet increasingly rare blue larimar (pectolite) is a very sought-after gemstone due to its unique beauty and rarity.

This blue-colored, semi-precious stone can only be found in the southwest of the Dominican Republic and nowhere else in the world. So make sure you purchase a few unpolished stones from one of the recommended miners while vacationing in the DR.

Remember, when traveling to other locations, always think about bringing home your favorite souvenirs to keep the moments close to your heart.

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