Thanksgiving Family Food and Fun

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Before we know it, Thanksgiving will be upon us. Like life, it all comes and goes too fast, so why not get in the spirit now? 

Thanksgiving Family, Food, and Fun 

Thanksgiving Family, Food, and Fun

I’m sure many of you are prepping already and stressing about the whole holiday. Well, don’t! Let’s remember why Thanksgiving is so special this year. Let’s try to focus on the three reasons we love this holiday – Thanksgiving Family, Food, and Fun!

Of course, being grateful to our country and your spiritual beliefs is first, but aside from that, let’s try to actually have some fun this year, and I know a great way! I’m going to be sure to focus on the three reasons why I love this holiday so much, and actually pay it forward with some awesome sharing too! Please join me in my Thanksgiving journey in sharing the best of everything


Thanksgiving Family
We all are so very grateful for our Thanksgiving blessings, and we make sure to pay thanks for our wonderful families and bountiful gifts we have. With that said, be sure to check out this post, Growing up in Plymouth Thanksgiving Memories. Heather from Daily DIY Life takes a moment to reflect on her upbringing and what’s it’s like growing up in an amazing historic town in Plymouth, MA. Her blog,

Her blog, Daily DIY Life is a great spot for the best in anything and everything DIY, cooking and household tips, and free printables! Oh, and did I mention her recipes are family friendly and affordable! Oh and be sure to check out Heather’s Pinterest page for some more fabulous ideas! 

Daily DIY Life Thanksgiving Memories

And what better way to make your family at home than to create a beautiful table for them to enjoy the day right? Check out what Anj created at Makin’ My Apt a Home. Her beautiful and Thrifty Thanksgiving table decor is full of warmth and cheer!  

Her blog is loaded with amazing DIY projects and thrift shopping ideas that will blow your mind! Be sure to take a look at her Thrift Share Thursday ideas you will be in awe at her finds! She is an amazing DIY’er too, and her projects will surely teach you a thing or two. Her drive and inspiration are truly motivating. 

Makin My Apt A Home Thanksgiving Tablescape


Thanksgiving Fun

Now for the fun part! After all the prepping, cooking, and cleaning, we all need some fun. Movies are a huge part of the holidays. There’s one movie in particular that you must watch, and Housekaboodle has the perfect flick and a tour of the actual house it took place in! Be sure to check out her post, “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” Best Thanksgiving Day Movie.

The movie, Planes Trains, and Automobiles, is the essence of Thanksgiving! Plus, you can kick back and relax and peruse some of the beautiful houses Housekaboodle features! You get the inside scoop from here peeking into famous celebrity houses! You will be addicted for sure! Housekaboodle is also a fantastic place for getting ideas for home projects too. I can’t tell you how many great Pinterest Ideas I got saved from her blog! 

Housekaboodle Thanksgiving Movie


Thanksgiving Food

OK, we all know food is the core of Thanksgiving, so let me continue to share with you some amazing desserts! Hopefully, you saw my post – Thanksgiving and Russian Tea Cookies. These cookies are a yummy part of the holiday season. I also have another baked good that we adore and that’s my Salted Caramel Apple Crisp Recipe.

You can’t go wrong with these if you are looking to hit a slam-dunk in the desert arena! I had such a great time posting them for you. Be sure to follow me, and check out my other yummy recipes on my Pinterest page! 



Here is a picture of last Thanksgiving turkey. My family can’t wait for the stuffing! They tell me every year, Ma, make sure it’s crispy”. And boy, it sure is good! I’m looking forward to a repeat this year! 

Thanksgiving Turkey

Please be sure to visit my sister bloggers sites below and give them Thanksgiving love. 

Remember, Family, Food, and Fun this year! I wish each of you the most wonderful, and fun-packed Thanksgiving ever! 

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