Olay Bright On Schedule! Eye Awakening Cream

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Olay Bright On Schedule! Eye Awakening Cream 

Olay Bright On Schedule! Eye Awakening Cream

Awaken those under eyes with this new innovation in skincare!  I wanted to review this product – Olay Bright On Schedule! Eye Awakening Cream – for a few reasons, I’ve tried other eye creams with similar formulas only to be disappointed until I met Bright on Schedule! Don’t get me wrong, I adore Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream (that’s another review for another time) but, Bright on Schedule is a great little product for the price!  It normally retails for somewhere around $12.99, but there are usually coupons and discounts at stores like CVS and Walgreen’s etc. 

At first glance looks like another roller-ball but actually, there is an eye cream housed inside. The product squeezes out of the tube and is delivered by a cooling roller ball-head.  


The tri-roller ball allows you to massage the cream under your eyes and the coolness from the roller-ball helps decrease natural puffiness due to lack of sleep. This product is infused with white tea, cucumber one of the main ingredients is niacinamide aka B3 which is great for the under-eye area. 


The product is lightweight and feels cooling around the eye area. By no means is this going to make you look younger or reduce wrinkles, but it is very pleasant to apply and does seem to appear as if it brightens my under-eye area. I also noticed that my foundation applies easier as well. I do appreciate this, especially when applying concealer as I don’t get that pulling or tugging underneath my eyes as easily after application.

Olay Bright On Schedule! Eye Awakening Cream
The directions state: “For a well-rested look, gently squeeze the tube and use the tri-roller ball to massage the cream underneath your eye area for up to 30 seconds for each eye. Then, let the formula go to work with its naturally-inspired ingredients like honeysuckle, white tea, and cucumber. You’ll quickly feel refreshed as you reduce the look of puffiness and dark circles. Plus, it’s oil-free and won’t clog your pores – so it’s good for your skin. Olay Fresh Effects Bright On Schedule Eye Awakening Cream cools and hydrates your skin with breathable lightweight moisture. Roll on each morning for a well-rested look.”

I must admit Olay’s claim, “This fast-absorbing cream goes on feather-light and leaves your skin feeling cool, hydrated, and energized” is true! I also appreciate the dispenser. One of the reasons I don’t like using ORIGINS GinZing is because of the pot dispensing.
origins eye cream
It’s a fantastic product – probably my all-time favorite, but the pot – I can live without. I always feel “germy” when I use it. I did purchase a little stick application tool for dipping into pots like these, but still – it’s a lot more work, and the roller-ball is so easy to use and much more hygienic!

The CVS website has a great video preview of this product if you are interested. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page, and you will see it there.

I’ve made using Olay Bright On Schedule a part of my daily beauty regimen now and am pleased with the results. Will I repurchase? Quite possible, I will!

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