My Favorite Gadget Of The Week – Dashboard Camera

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My Favorite Gadget Of The Week – Dashboard Camera

Cameras are everywhere these days. Don’t you think it makes sense to have one on your dash? I am super excited about this product. I’ve always wanted a dash cam and I’ve found one that works in full HD and has a great price point. Dash cams are not just another phase and are here to stay.

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week-Sassy Townhouse Living

They are great for everything from documenting accidents, road trips, to protecting yourself from insurance fraud. Think of how much money you can save on your insurance too when you finally have proof that it was indeed the other guy’s fault. It’s perfect for those times when you get pulled over too – now you have everything on camera for your protection and documentation. It captures crystal clear video and audio too. 

Some of these dash cams can be expensive too. That’s why I was so excited when I discovered the ANYTEK 2.7 Full HD Car Camera Recorder Support 32G TF Dashboard. I found it on Amazon. Click the product box below to see the all the awesome details.  

I always wanted a dashboard camera so that I could provide video footage if I was unlucky enough to have an accident. I wanted to be certain I could prove who was at fault and avoid a lengthy claim process. Plus, think of how it could prevent false claims too! The video quality is crystal clear HD and it records all the audio in your car too! Plus, you can flip it around and capture the fun times in your car with your family and friends as well. 
 My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

Dash cameras are a huge industry and growing every day. The big driver behind this has been “crash for cash” scams. These can take many forms, from fraudsters disabling their own brake lights or “flashing” drivers to let them out of junctions before crashing into them – to staged accidents and false witnesses. But whatever the form, it is costing motorists and insurance companies which translates into higher premiums for us! 

Here are some of the features:

  • Ultra-clear videos with high quality that provides you a wonderful visual perception.
  • Full-HD Video [email protected] and super wide 148-degree diagonal angle view.
  • Advanced chip system provides you with a sense of safety with quality guarantee.
  • Easy to use and convenient to operate. Videos playback with a 2.7″ HD Wide Screen.
  • Support TF card up to 32GB
  • Multi-functional features with all standard functions like Auto ON/OFF, Loop Record, Motion Detection, Night Vision Ability, G-Sensor, AV/HDMI/USB Interface, Video Watermark etc.
  • 2.7-inch high definition screen
  • Support TF card up to 32GB
  • 148 degree super wide diagonal viewing angle
  • Video Resolution:[email protected][email protected][email protected]
  • Muti-Function:Digital Camcorder/Digital Still Camera/WDR/Motion Detection/Removable Disk Driver/HDMI Out/AV Out

It mounts so easily to your windshield and uses a very secure mounting clip. It never comes loose and stays very secure until you unmount it yourself. It’s so easy to install and removes in a flash. Plus, it’s not in the driver’s line of view so it doesn’t get in the way of your field of vision. My husband loves it too. I was super excited to see how much he is enjoying it. 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

This is everything that comes with the kit. You can even charge it from your computer too. Once you plug it into your lighter and start to drive, it starts recording automatically! And when you shut your car off it stops recording. It’s so easy to unplug and take it with you so you don’t have to leave it in your car overnight if you don’t want to. 

I really love this feature! If you get into an accident, you can auto lock the video which protects it and keeps it from being deleted. 

My Favorite Gadget Of The Week

It’s easy to set up and easy to use. No complicated settings and you can mount it to your PC and watch all the videos on your computer! 

This is not only my favorite gadget of the week but I think it’s also going to be my favorite for the year too! I also am getting a discount from my insurance company too which is terrific savings on my car insurance! Be sure to check this dash cam out – you will love it as much as I do! ANYTEK 2.7 Full HD Car Camera Recorder Support 32G TF Dashboard Tachograph Blue

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Be sure to leave any questions or comments in the comments box below. I’d be happy to answer them for you. I hope you get to enjoy this awesome dash camera too! 

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