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Why You Need To See This Long Ranger Wireless Charger

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It’s not always easy choosing a wireless charger for our mobile devices because we aren’t sure which one to choose. The Long Ranger Wireless Charger plug-and-play setup is like nothing on the market. Now, you can transform any piece of furniture into a wireless charging station!

Long Ranger Wireless Charger
Long Ranger Wireless Charger

What Makes The Long Ranger Wireless Charger Different?

Without a doubt, I’m a huge fan of wireless chargers with one exception. They are not really wireless! I own two wireless chargers, and both work off the same principle. You plug the base into the wall and charge your phone on the base. The problem is you end up with a long annoying wire hanging from your desk, counter-top, or table.

However, with its ultra-thin design, the Long Ranger Wireless Charger works on a different principle. First, with no tools required, it takes merely a few minutes to use this plug-and-play device. In short, you peel and stick both the power base and surface antenna into place above/below one another, and you are ready to go!

Long Ranger Wireless Charger
Long Ranger Wireless Charger

More importantly, the wireless charging capability is up to 1.5 inches (40mm). That means you can place your Long Ranger Wireless Charger on surfaces up to 1.5 inches thick. And it works on mobile devices from Apple iPhone to Samsung Galaxy and more!

In fact, you’ll find you can charge the Long Ranger Wireless Charger through most non-metallic phone cases as well. Just make sure the total distance is from the top of the power base to the back of the phone is 40mm.

Additionally, the surface antenna is waterproof and can withstand accidental spills and cleaning too. If you are a clean freak like I am, you’ll appreciate that feature. I wouldn’t want to stop and think about using separate cleaning products for my phone charger, yikes.

Transform Any Room Into A Wireless Charging Station

Now, you can experience the ease of turning any room and nearly every surface into a mobile charging station. For example, with the Long Ranger Wireless Charger, you can turn your desk, counter, nightstand, side table, or any piece of furniture instantly!

For example, if there’s one thing I find super annoying, it’s wires everywhere. But now, the one wire sits way underneath my desk and out of sight. The top of my desk looks clean, neat, and organized!

Long Ranger Wireless Charger Specifications

  • Input: DC19V1A
  • Output: 5V1A Compatible with Qi-BPP
  • Frequency: 115K – 140KH
  • Protection: FOD, OPT, DVP Effective Charging Distance: 15-40mm (Vert.)
  • Charging Efficiency: 70% at 25mm, 55% at 35mm Power Base
  • Unit: 6.2” Dia. x 0.75″ H. Surface Antenna: 4.5″ Dia. Wall Outlet Plug-In Power Supply: 5ft length

Surface Antenna Replacement Disk

In addition, if you ever need an extra Surface Antenna Replacement Disk, you can always order one with no hassle. It’s always a good idea to have an additional disk handy in case you decide to move the device’s location.

Also, if you need to remove the disk, you can easily without damage to your surface top. I love tech gadgets, and if you do too, you’ll flip over the Long Ranger Wireless Charger. Everything about it easy, and it charges my mobile device super fast also.

Above all, I love sharing the best of everything with you! Above all, I love sharing the best of everything with you! When it comes to wireless chargers, the Long Ranger is the best on the market. And at $64.95, very reasonably priced!

In the past, I purchased three different types, and there’s no comparison. I think you’ll find you agree once you purchase one too!

Why You Need To See This Long Ranger Wireless Charger - Sassy Townhouse Living

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