Easily Create Beautifully Luminous Glass Jar Lighting

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Easily Create Beautifully Luminous Glass Jar Lighting

Glass Jar Lighting

Easily light up any room with glass jar lighting! If you’re like me, you love lights, candles, and any illumination. 

I decided I needed something more for my bathroom to provide just the right amount of illumination to create that warm glow. My mind starting going then, Voila! I found a glass candle holder that I was using for my three-wick candles from Pier One and turned it into this!

What you will need! 

Glass Container/Jar: First, you need to find a glass container – any jar will do. It’s ideal to have one that is mid-sized unless you have two or three sets of lights and you want to place this in a larger area.

Lights: There are two ways you can go with this. You can use battery operated lights or the traditional plug-in lights. I decided to use the plug-in lights because I have an outlet conveniently located exactly above where I wanted mine featured in the bathroom. I purchased mine at my local gift shop. You can just about find them anywhere these days.

Colored Glass: I wanted that extra pop of color so, I incorporated this glass-within-glass look. I found this lovely purple drinking glass and popped it right inside the larger glass candle holder.


This is where you get creative. You can reuse any glass containers you find in your home, or visit your friendly Pier One as they have loads of these in stock.


Glass Jar Lighting

Insert the smaller glass cup into the larger and begin to wrap your lights around in an upward motion. I placed a few lights inside of the purple glass as well as I love the color it will throw. Once you are done placing the wires, it should look something like this.

You can see how pretty the purple reflects off the glass – just what I was looking for! Some folks were concerned about the wire showing and looking well…not so great.  I have to say that is really not the case for where I have this located. If you like, just purchase the battery operated lights and no problem! I didn’t want to deal with batteries, so I chose this option.

Either way, enjoy this simply made project!

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Sharing is Caring! 💜

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