Freebies And My Top 10 Places To Get Them

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There’s no doubt – we all love a good freebie. My weakness is free software. OMG, I gush with joy when I see free apps whether it’s for my Droid, Ipad, or PC.

Freebies And My Top 10 Places To Get Them

I thought I would share with you some of my sources. They are all legit, and all offer free stuff, and the best part is they want nothing in return!  

The thing I like least about some freebie sites is they want so much in return for the freebie. Well, not with my list of freebies. Come check out my Freebies And My Top 10 Places To Get Them! 

Firstly, I want to tell you about my favorite places to get free, yes totally free software. I have used these sites for years, and I can’t begin to tell you the amazing and free computer software I have received over the years.

Be sure to sign up for their emails as they let you know what’s available and when the offer expires.

1. Make Use Of – I’ve been a subscriber of theirs for years now, and I can’t begin to tell you how much amazing information is available on this site. Not only do they offer a TON of freebies, but their how-tos and general tech info are off the hook! 

make use of categories

Here’s a peek at just some of what they offer

With loads of free e-books, software, and tutorials, you can spend hours, if not days pursuing their site! Be sure to check them out.

2. Bitsdujour – Free Software Downloads are everywhere, but what makes BitsDuJour’s software giveaway of the day unique? They only work with the best software vendors from around the world, bringing you great fresh software that you’ll actually use at 100% off every day. They also don’t play fast and loose with rouge vendors and the safety of your computer, be it PC or Mac.

They have many promises, and they stick to them. I can’t tell you how many awesome and free software applications I got from them. They also offer huge discounts on software in addition to their daily freebies! I use them daily and they are one of the best out there! 

bitsdujour freebies

3. Top Soft Bargains – Another great place to get 100% freebie software! I check in daily with this site. I have to stop myself from grabbing everything! All of these sites offer an email sign-up so you can be notified daily of their freebies and sales. My poor PC begs me to stop downloading all of their freebies, but I just can’t!

top soft bargains

4. Windows Deals – Another great site for the best freebies out there! Some of their deals run for days, others have faster expiration dates, so be sure to pay attention to when these deals expire. There are loads of categories to choose from ranging from Giveaways to Utilities.

windows deals

5. Giveaway of the Day They are a well-established initiative in the software distribution world. Every day they offer for FREE licensed software you would have to buy otherwise! Giveaway of the day serves its visitors for more than 5 years and over those years they’ve built a huge fan base that returns to their website over and over again.

It takes time and effort to build a solid reputation and they put forth both to reach the popularity of their website. Every day they present hot software titles and best software authors from all over the world. Also, for game giveaways check out Game Giveaway of the Day.

give away of the day

6. PINCHme – PINCHme gives you the unique opportunity to discover new products and try them for free. It’s simple – you choose a product from one of their leading brands, and they deliver it to your home or workplace for free.

But be quick, they reserve the products in your box for a limited time to ensure that everyone has a chance of receiving the available products.

Once you’ve tried, tasted or touched the exciting products they offer, you can leave your opinion. I get so many products to sample from these guys. They also offer other opportunities to receive free stuff. Start pinching now!!

pinch me

7. How many times have you been in need of a photo and just can’t seem to take the right one or don’t have the time? Well, fret no more!

There are loads of awesome freebie to grab some photos from and here are some of my top favorites below – Be sure to check back as I update this list often. 

Free Digital Photos – Free digital photos require a link back/credit but make it easy. You just copy and paste. Their search bar does not turn up much when you’re super specific, but the quality of photos is great.

Every Stock Photo– Search engine for free photos and membership is free.

Free Pixels – Free stock photography for any use. I love using the tag cloud to browse their 3,000+ images.

PhotoGen – High-resolution images available free download, no sign up required.

MorgueFile – These aren’t usually very high quality but are more real-life photos. 

Free Stock Photos – Download free images to use for professional or commercial use. I love the weather category.

Unsplash – These photos are amazing. Mostly scenery. 10 new photos added every 10 days.

Free Range Stock – Free membership, full of high-resolution free stock photos and textures. Images are at least 2400 x 1600 and can be used for personal and commercial use.

Mayang Free Textures – Free texture library with over 3,800 free high-res textures available to download. Great for designers

Photopin – Photo Pin is a free tool that helps bloggers and designers find beautiful photos for blogs and websites using Creative Commons licensing.

Turbo Photo – Download over 2,000 free stock images.

FreeFoto – Over 3,000 categories and over 100,000 images! A link back and attribution is required for some.

BigFoto – This site really does offer you a free download of all the pictures in our massive and constantly growing photo gallery. You can use these images just as you wish for personal or commercial purposes (see Copyright for details) and there are no watermarks or complicated rules.

StockVault – Over 13,000 free stock photos. Also, has lots of helpful tutorials!

Unsplash – Free (do whatever you want) high-resolution photos. 10 new photos every 10 days.

Canva https://www.canva.com/ – Canva is one of my top pics when it comes to free photos! Simply search for the best graphics, photos, and fonts, or upload your own, then use Canva’s drag and drop tool to create a design. Design with hundreds of free elements and fonts, or choose from their library of more than 1 million premium images for $1.

Take your photos to the next level with Canva’s stunning photo editor. Photo editing has never been simpler. Present a consistent look and feel on social media and in your marketing materials.

With Canva, you can edit your photos using preset filters or get advanced with photo editing tools like brightness, contrast, saturation, tint, blur, x-process, and vignette. With more than six quadrillion options, you’ll never be stuck for choice.

I will keep updating this list as I continue to find more and more to share!

8. FMA – Free Musicians Archive – Oh my word, I adore this site. I’ve got into uploading videos lately, and I love having music in the background without the worry of again copyright infringement. Well, this solves that worry!

This one site can be exactly what you are looking for! They offer a huge catalog and category list. You will spend hours saving music files trust me. 


9. Superb Wallpapers – Yes, I know there are loads out there, but what I like best about his site is they offer every category and make it so easy to grab them. I don’t like it when I have too many choices. I always get confused and then bail. Well, even though they offer bucket-loads of wallpapers, it’s so easy to find what you need and grab it.

I used to use animated wallpapers, but they use up huge amounts of system resources that I would rather be using on open applications. Now, I use static wallpapers and still get the beauty and entertainment of them by quickly changing them here.

Superb Wallpapers

10. Gizmo’s Freeware – Another site I’ve been a member of for years. If you need free help, software, tutorials, just about anything tech – this is the place for you. 

At this community website, you’ll find the very best freeware programs each selected by our independent editors because of their quality and performance. Many of these programs are as good as or better than their commercial counterparts so why pay for what you can get free? 


I hope you get to take advantage of these websites freebie. I know I do! If you have any questions about them please leave a comment below.

And as always, thanks so much for visiting my site and if you like this post – Freebies And My Top 10 Places To Get Them –  please subscribe via email below and never miss a post again!

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