Feeling Safe At Home With A Great Alarm System

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Feeling Safe At Home With A Great Alarm System 

I’ve researched my options when installing our alarm system and found an all-around way to feel as secure as one can be at home. Adding video surveillance has finally given us peace of mind when it comes to home and personal security. I thought I would share with you the system we installed. There are so many home security systems to choose from, and they vary in price and features offered, so be sure to do lots of research when choosing which one to go with. 

Feeling Safe At Home With A Good Alarm System - Sassy Townhouse Living

There are digital systems that allow you to do everything from turning your lights on and off to unlocking your doors. We wanted a system that was securing our home and allowing us to be able to see what was going outside and record that information from all my devices.

We’ve always had our house alarmed. Our alarm system was built into our home when we first underwent construction. It was pretty standard consisting of these features. Then we decided to update the system with video cameras outside. Best decision ever! 

We’ve done a lot of home improvements over the past few years and this was the best investment by far.

Once the alarm is turned on:
Window alarms – if anyone opens a window when the alarm is on, it’s triggered
Door alarms – every door leading from the outside will trigger the alarm especially patio doors. This trigger goes right to the police station.
Motion sensors – several motion detectors will activate the alarm if someone does manage to gain access while the alarm is on and walks around in the house – this will trigger the alarm.

OK, so you say, that sounds like a pretty good system right? And yes, it was and is awesome, yet we felt like we needed more. Now, just so you understand, our neighborhood is pretty safe. We don’t have alarmingly high crime rates – we live in the burbs and surrounded by rural areas, but in these crazy times, we felt like we needed to top things off with video surveillance.

Too extreme you ask? Nope, so many folks around here have them too. I can’t tell you how amazing it is to be able to see what’s going on outside without having to leave any room. With this system, we are able to login to a website and view all activity on cameras. How awesome it is feeling safe at home with a great alarm system is a very important thing to do, and most people don’t until something happens. 

Below, you will find some pictures that will explain things better: 

These are the three cameras that are installed outside.

This is the VMax box that controls the system. It comes with a mouse as well so you can easily navigate the settings, fast forward, rewinds, and capture video from outside cameras.

These are the indoor motion sensors that activate the alarm when movement is detected. There are four of these throughout the house. 

There is an awesome application that you install on your PC for viewing the camera activity from home and any mobile device. This is my favorite feature. 

In the above photo, you can zoom in on any area you need to as well as capture and record any image. Having a good alarm system in your home is crucial to the safety and security of your family. You will always want to do some research on the best alarm companies before committing to any contracts. 

You can see all three cameras at once. This is the standard view. The fourth area is black because we have three cameras and not four. 

Even at night, you can still get a good look at what’s going on. The more outside lighting you provide, the better the clarity. I can see my property from anywhere I go with the mobile viewer. It’s so awesome!

IPAD Viewer too!

The bottom line is we all want to feel secure in our homes and installing a good security system is the way to go!

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Sharing is Caring! 💜


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