Amazing Inexpensive Dupe for Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove!

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Amazing Inexpensive Dupe for Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove!

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I try and clean my makeup brushes at least twice a month, but at times, it gets away from me. Of course, we all want an easier way to complete this task right? The Sigma Brush Cleaning Glove is so expensive so I decided to find a dupe for it! 

Well, Sigma introduced a product to help with this chore this year that looked fabulous with one exception, the price point is really steep – $35!. And as we all know, necessity is the mother of invention, so I found my own solution for $6.99! They are called, Kitchen Grips 2-Piece Long Handle Pan Holders! I know weird, right? Well, check this out and see below, just how I found an awesome solution!

I was out shopping with my sis, and we walked past these:

Kitchen Grips 2-Piece Long Handle Pan Holder


Two Sizes - Large and small


So, as you can see, they come in a two-pack – one large and one small. Which was perfect!

A light when off when I felt the texture of these. I knew they had the same type of texture used for the Sigma Brush Cleaner – and I thought, well this is exactly what I need to clean my brushes!

Below, you will find the simple process of how this works.

These are the products and brushes you will need.


You can use any brush cleaner, even dish soap if you choose. I prefer using brush cleaner as it’s formulated specifically for brushes. I have several various ones, but really like the way MAC brush cleaner does the job. It has a $15.00 price point, but it lasts a very long time, so you get value for the money spent. As per the image below, I dipped the dirty brush into the brush cleaner for 30 seconds, then began, in a swirling motion, to clean the brush.

Brush cleaning example


Dirty brush

Look at the makeup disappearing off that brush!

After swirling it around for about 30 seconds, I gently rinsed the brush under water. You really don’t need to do that with the MAC brush cleanser. You can gently dry the brush with some paper towels or cloth. I preferred to give it a quick rinse.

NOTE: Never get water on the metal parts of your makeup brushes as that can loosen the brush and cause it to detach from the handle.

clean brush

Clean Brush CloseUp

Sigma Brush Cleaner

Sigma Brush Cleaner Glove

sigma pricing

Sigma Brush Cleaning Price is very steep!

I know it’s larger, but you don’t really need all that space when cleaning your brushes. You just need enough room to swirl it around and clean it. 

Sigma textures

Sigma textures

Texture of Kitchen Grips

Same texture Sigma!

I loved this product so much, I purchased two! One for my pot handles and one to use as a brush cleaner! 

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Sharing is Caring! 💜


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