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Current Digs…

Current Digs

Inspiration is in the air! I’m getting ready to dig my hands into some new projects around the house and always looking for inspiration. Here are some images motivating me to get moving on the projects I have lined up. I hope they inspire you as well. 

What I see when I look at this wall is my wish to do something similar. I know with a little gumption and the right tools I can get this going. Will I create an entire tree? Probably not. Will I be able to create something branchy and as artsy? Yes! This is on my to-do list for the spring.815573I adore this wallpaper. I think I just might use this in my smaller bathroom. Click the image and it will link you to the wallpaper site.

inspired images

 Adding decorative pieces to your curtains can really pack a punch to any room. I currently have some simply beaded embellishments living room curtains, and I love how it looks. Below, are the little jewels I have added to my curtains. I’m always surprised at how many folks actually notice them when they enter my home. I plan on adding some additional pieces to my bedroom and office.


 Love this Peacock Wallpaper!


This is the little decorative glass bead I have on my curtains – I love them!


 Another image of my glass beads.


 Time to paint once again! I adore the color contrast in this photo. I think I’m going to take this challenge on for at least two rooms this spring.


  Another wallpaper I adore!


I really admire when folks keep outdoor lighting going throughout the year. I can’t help but adore these trees. I have one tree out front I know I can create something similar.


 I love decorative elements on stairs and this one inspired me! 

I added some appliques to my stairs too and I am so thrilled with the results. 


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