Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria?

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Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria?

Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria - Sassy Townhouse Living

I don’t think we tend to think about that question much. It’s so essential for us to ensure that our kitchen cutting boards are hygienic and safe from harmful bacteria. 

Anything that touches your food can be a source of contamination and food-borne illness especially our cutting boards. For example, if you cut up a raw chicken and then use the same cutting board to slice an onion for your salad, you run the risk of cross-contamination with bacteria from the chicken being transferred to the onion. Of course, this is bad for your health and we need to be aware and protect ourselves from cross-contamination. 

I’ve discovered a great and handy way to deal with this potentially harmful situation with these Eco friendly Silicone Mats For those small quick jobs! I love how they store right in a drawer too and don’t take up all of your counter space the way typical cutting boards too. You receive a set of 4 silicone mats and they are durable flexible compact lightweight and practical. The best part is the kitchen cutting mats come with food icons printed directly on them so you can easily avoid cross-contamination. 

Here are some specs about these mats. I am so happy to own them! The folks over at Perennial Essentials were kind enough to send them to me in exchange for my honest opinion, and I am so happy they did. Out went my old cutting board and now I know we are prepping our veggies and meats safely and effectively. 

  • TIRED OF USING that big cutting board for a sandwich or small job? This set is convenient and portable for easy cleanup. 12 x 8 x 5/32 inches, store in a drawer, GREAT for the camper.
  • MADE WITH ECO-FRIENDLY material and anti-slide properties with a beautiful look. Easy cleanup.
  • FOOD ICONS AND MEASURING SCALE It’s non-toxic and safe with BACTEKILLER protection
  • BENDABLE FOR EASY transfer of food. Environmentally friendly, made of TPE & PP.
  • COMPLIMENTS LARGE cutting board for efficient and food separation by category.

I especially appreciate them since the hubby started cooking. He is not as nearly as conscious as I am about neatness, but now with these mats, he is very aware of being careful and not cross-contaminate when prepping. 

This is what they look like shipped. You get a set of 4 cutting mats. 

Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria

I also appreciate how they are color coded too!

Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria

And as you can see, they have handy icons in each corner so you can avoid reusing them and contaminating the rest.

Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria

I can’t tell you how handy the measuring ruler is at the bottom too! I use it all the time for cutting pastries and making sure my veggies are the same size. 

Are Your Kitchen Cutting Boards Safe From Bacteria

See how thin they are? They are thin yet very sturdy and are cut resistant too. And I love how I can easily hang them anywhere for easy use. 

They are protected with Bactekiller! Doesn’t get much better than that! 

I hope you get to enjoy these Eco friendly Silicone Mats as much as I do. I highly recommend them! 

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Sharing is Caring! ๐Ÿ’œ


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