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4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Bluetooth Earbuds

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4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Bluetooth Earbuds

4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs Bluetooth Earbuds - Sassy Townhouse Living

Bluetooth Smart technology is a wireless communications system intended to replace the cables connecting many types of devices – from mobile phones and headsets to what seems to be ubiquitous in all sorts of gadgetry. 

I’m so spoiled using bluetooth now! I am in an endless battle with wires it seems – I’m sure you all know how terribly frustrating it is to struggle with wires and they are everywhere and cause us much stress, mess, and can even be hazardous! That’s why I challenged myself to only try to make tech purchases that were either fully bluetooth or bluetooth compliant. 

Since I’m a huge fan of music and try to listen to it whenever I can, bluetooth earbuds were a must-have for me. 

The first reason I love them is that they are wireless! No brainer with that one. So, when you are ready to buy earbuds make sure they are bluetooth!

Secondly, they’re one of the fastest-growing parts of the headphone market. I’m certain all the top manufacturers will only be producing bluetooth technology headphones. 

Thirdly, prices are dropping and fast! When bluetooth first came to market, the prices were pretty steep, now you can find a great pair for under $50. 

And lastly, the portability factor – you can easily leave your phone on the table and walk away while still enjoying your video or listen to your music. You don’t have to jockey around the headphone jack when you want to do simple things like play a game. Plus, you can connect to multiple devices at once, so you’re not plugging and unplugging every time you stand up.

Most of the time,  I’m listening to music while I brush my teeth, listening to an audiobook and especially when I’m working and don’t want to be disturbing anyone else in the house and not having a cord get in the way of these tasks is just the best! Those darn cords get stuck everywhere – I’ve gotten that cord stuck on so many things it’s really dangerous – yikes!

And let’s not forget how amazing they are to use when we are on our mobile phones. It’s the best to be able to talk and walk around without the nasty and annoying cord that regular ear buds and headphones come with. And the sound quality is spot on! 

One of my favorite bluetooth earbud headphones is from Audiosharp – they are the

Audiosharp Sports Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds – they are Lightweight Sweatproof Noise Cancelling Headphones Earbuds – they are compatible with most every phone.  And the price is spot on for such excellent earbuds. 

Here are some product specs:

  • A perfect combination of both exercise and music enjoyment, convenient and efficient hands-free calls by wearing the right alone and wonderful music experience in both ears. Multipoint pairing allows you to connect two mobile phones simultaneously, ergonomic design keeps a comfortable wearing and easy adjustment that is suitable for running, gym, exercises and any other sports.
  • Adopts the latest top-level bluetooth chip going with hi-fi audio technology which accurately distinguishes L&R channels for a full bluetooth stereo and more prevalent bass.
  • Initiative and superior butterfly styled symmetrical design guarantees asymmetric stereo bluetooth sound and that the monaural and binaural mode can be switched freely through plugging in wires and unplugging.
  • Dual-power support for outstanding durability and over 10 days standby time due to one lithium battery for each earphone which realizes over 6 hours of listening to music at top volume with an advanced 4.0 chip to achieve ultra-low power consumption.
  • AUDIOSHARP FEATURES: products are designed by rigorous professional inspection, Covered under the Audiosharp 1-year warranty.

This is how they came shipped.

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones corded

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones corded

I love the color red – so easy to find especially if you throw them in your gym or handbag.

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

This is what you’ll get inside the box. 

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

And this is how easily they fit around your ear – they are so comfortable I am not even aware I’m wearing them.

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones
You can wear them with either left or right channel, mono or binaural (or used with both ears.)

Audiosharp AS1206 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

So, basically, now you can see why I’m totally sold on my bluetooth earbuds. Wires, it’s been real! 

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  1. Thank you for this….I am getting past the shock of walking by people who are seemingly talking to themselves!!

  2. Oh gosh, I need these in my life! I listen to music everyday and I swear I’m always getting the wires tangled! What kind of music do you like? :)

  3. Hi Sarah,
    Oh they are just wonderful! I have them on a lot and they are so very comfortable as well. My music taste is wide ranging. I love Alt Rock, Spa, Classical and so much more. Music is my saving grace! How about you? What genres do you like? Thanks much for stopping by …always good hearing from you!

  4. lol Donna – it took me a while too. I still look at people as if they were talking to me especially when they are in the ladies room on their phones…it’s all so funny. I do love these earbuds though. I can’t tell you how awesome they are with no wires. Have a great week and thanks much for stopping by.

  5. I bought some crappy ones recently. They were scrambling the sound within a few uses. Aaugh!!! THESE sound (see what I did there?) great. Thanks for the review

  6. You had my interest at wireless and good sound quality (rare combo). This new toy should help me feed my Audible.com addiction nicely :)!

  7. Thanks for the overview / review of these earbuds. I was just gardening on Friday and grew frustrated by getting entangled in the wires connecting my earbuds to my MP3 player. Then I kept getting dirt on my earbuds when trying to fix everything. I had no idea blue tooth was an option for solving that problem. Cool.

  8. These look great. No matter what the size, headsets always fall out of my ears. I like the fact that these have that ‘hook’ on them – maybe I’ll finally be able to work out and enjoy my music!

  9. I usually hate earbuds but these seem like they could work for me! Thank you for sharing. I’ll have to try ’em out.

  10. Hi Sheryl, oh yes these don’t fall out at all. I had that same issue. I love the fact that I don’t have to deal with wires anymore. Thanks much for stopping over and have a great week!

  11. Hi Karen, oh yes, I use them for gardening too. I love how I’m not being bothered with wires anymore. I just love these earbuds they are the best! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

  12. Bluetooth is a lot better today than those early days when everyone looked like a cyborg with their blinking blue ears.

    It’s hard to find a good pair of Bluetooth earbuds for running though. I got a pair of over the ear ones from Monster that were $200 but were really uncomfortable.

  13. Good Post Indeed!!
    Very informative post and all the points that you have share are very good. In today time gadgets are regular part of our life. We are done our most work with the help of gadget.
    Bluetooth is also one of this gadget. We use it for our business purpose as well as personal uses. Doing great job and thanks for sharing this post.

  14. Hi Rob, yes it is for sure much better! lol yes folks did look like a cyborg. These are so very comfortable and at that price point they just can’t be beat. Thanks much for stopping by and hope you do again soon!

  15. Thanks for sharing with us…..such a nice product…..i have already use it …..!!!

  16. Those are some sleek headphones Carolann. I’ve been content with my Bose soundlink mini bluetooth speakers that I got from the Bay Bloor Radio store nearby until now. I guess there is something about in-ear headphone that turns me off. Where can I get these from?

  17. Hi Dave, I have the Bose ones as well and I have to say I enjoy my Audiosharp ones just as much. The link is in the post where you can purchase them. Thanks much for stopping by!

  18. You are providing a such good information thanks for sharing this wonderful post about bluetooth earbuds. That seems like to me good for users.

  19. An ideal combination of each exercise as well as music pleasure, convenient as well as efficient hands-free calls by putting on the right by yourself and fantastic music encounter in both ear. Multipoint integrating allows you to link two cell phones simultaneously, ergonomic desk design maintains a comfortable putting on and easy realignment that is ideal for running, fitness center, exercises as well as any other sports activities.

  20. Hey Carolann,

    Thanks for sharing these earbuds. Although i do not like ear buds ( I get ear infection easily as i am a music lover – Hear music all day )

    But these bluetooth earbuds look promising.

    Anyways, Great Blog.


  21. Hi John, Thanks much for stopping by and commenting. These earbuds are so comfortable. I don’t like them much myself that’s why I love these. Hope to see you again soon and have a great week!

  22. Hi Sassy,

    Really nice earbuds. the red color looks so awesome, Can’t wait to order 1 for me..

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